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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the industry leaders in post production for professional wedding photography studios. We have nearly a decade of experience delivering consistent and reliable post production for the most demanding wedding and portrait photography business partners. And, through it all, we still deliver the fastest turnaround time, worldwide. We also know that boiler-plate workflow designs are the absolute worst way to grow, so we design best-in-class post production solutions that deliver higher performance efficiency, consistently. The results are 100% dependable results, increased business’s focus and higher profits for your business. That is all we do. That is all we ever want to do. 

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We Believe

We Believe

We believe large scale photography studios need to focus on profit building endeavors to grow and sustain their business. Our mission is to provide a reliable and consistent solution to your business’s post production needs, without fail. We are designed and optimized for wedding photography businesses that have decided to place focus on the segments of their business that will enable growth, scale, and profit. We help by handling the laborious and time intensive post production process for studios, providing fast turnaround time and dependable consistency. 

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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We serve our partners: the industry’s best medium to large photography studios that are focused on growth and optimization. We know that a wedding photography business can only grow effectively once it achieves a streamlined process designed to scale and increase profits. 

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ShootDotEdit is the post production industry-leader. We deliver the most trusted solutions for medium-to-large wedding photography studios, enabling laser sharp focus toward your company growth, scale, and profits.

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We know every pain point in post production, and designed solutions for each of them, long ago.
We know your problem. We have the solution.

Advantages & Benefits

100% Reliable Turnaround and Consistent Edits on Every Single Job

  • Managers, Editors, QC, and Admin
  • Photographer support
  • New Employee On-ramping & Training
  • Employment Taxes
  • Vacation Pay
  • Employee churn costs

Eliminate the Drama and Expense of Managing Employees

  • IT, Infrastructure, and Development
  • Hardware replacement and updates
  • Software updates and replacements
  • Continuous Improvement Training & Testing

Increased Focused on Sales, Customer Service and Growth.

  • Increase Competitive Edge


Medium and Large Wedding
Photography Businesses TRUST us because

Pricing & Service Solutions

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for a conversation regarding the best solution for your business needs

A Few Of Our Features

Here’s a short list of features we have provided for our forward thinking brands and clients

A support team you can call your own. You and your photographers will receive a dedicated and private support team that understands the unique questions and requirements of your proprietary workflow. Includes privately assigned phone number and emails.

Accurate, efficient, and consistent workflow is complex. And, our process engineers specialize in thinking through those complexities so you don’t have to, so you can stay focused, so you can increase scale and profits.

There’s a chance you have custom workflow requirements, ideas, and/or needs; For example, your business may have already established rules and guidelines for how you execute your color correction, cull, and artistic edits, etc.

Perfect, our enterprise post production team will learn your ways and deliver them according to your preferences.

We design. manage, and deploy the logistics for how your data moves from location to location. For example, will your photographers be responsible for uploading? We can design the best and most efficient way for them to send their images. Or, do you need your images to multiple locations simultaneously? We will orchestrate the right solution that is dependable and redundant. Concerned about data loss? This is another area we can help design a solution that allows for safe storage and quick access 24/7.


How about some fun stats regarding our deliverables?

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Our Enterprise Team

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